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ILS - past projects

Produced logistics support products comprising operation and maintenance manuals, volume of spares provisioning and instructor & crew training programs for various US Army watercraft including LSV landing craft (pictured), LT-100 and ST-900 series tug fleets, BD floating crane and LCM-8 landing craft.
Produced a full safety case, principal vessel publication, volume of spares provisioning, FMECA and RCM-based planned maintenance schedule for a newly designed and built Rapid Insertion Craft for a UK based shipbuilder on behalf of the UK MoD.
Produced a full Logistics Support Analysis record (LSAR) for avionics equipment on board the Eurofighter Typhoon aircraft.
Produced a maintenance and operational study to forecast the total life-cycle costs for the modification and long-term lease of a modified commercial fast ferry for use by a US Army and US Navy joint venture.

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