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Technical Publications

Working from raw data supplied by our clients (in the form of specifications, engineering drawings etc.) or by surveying a subject equipment or process, A&I have produced all manner of technical literature in the form of traditional handbooks or as web-based electronic media for our clients from both the military and commercial sectors.

Using only technical authors who have engineering qualifications and experience, our team are able to work independently and with minimum intrusion on our clients’ time and resources.

Working closely with our clients to ensure that the scope of supply is properly understood and that the documentation will meet with their requirements, A&I prepare documents through (as a minimum) first and final draft stages so as to allow the client to provide their comments and observations, and thereby participate in the development of the documentation.

Over many years, A&I have prepared a wide range of technical publications and reports (operations and maintenance handbooks, illustrated parts catalogues, software user manuals etc.) covering military and commercial air, sea and land systems, and commercial manufacturing plants and equipment, to comply with international standards and regulations, such as, but not necessarily limited to:

  • ASD S1000D (formerly AECMA S1000D);
  • Joint Services Publication (JSP) 180 Series;
  • Defence Standard 02-40 (formerly NES 40);
  • Army Equipment Support Publications (AESP);
  • AvP70;
  • MIL-STD-40051A, B and 2;
  • ATA 100 and iSpec2200.

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